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1. What name is given to the art of decorating cloth with a needle and thread, of which the Bayeux Tapestry is an example?

2. Which US crime novelist wrote Strangers on a Train?

3. What is the anticlimax of a sudden descent from the sublime to the commonplace called?

4. Which great jazz violinist died in 1997 at the age of 89?

5. What name is given to the economic theory that governments should not interfere with market forces?

6. Which British yachtsman was the first to sail alone around the world nonstop?

7. Which islet in the Firth of Forth is noted for its colonies of seabirds?

8. What sort of creature is a kiang?

9. Of which country is Bujumbura the capital and largest city?

10. Which British field marshal, who commanded the BEF in World War I, became 1st Earl of Ypres?

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