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1. Which British feminist author wrote The Life and Loves of a She-Devil?

2. Which dome-shaped sheet of muscle between the thorax and the abdomen plays an important role in producing breathing movements?

3. What sort of creature is a dik-dik?

4. The Niagara Falls are situated on the border between which two countries?

5. Which founder of the Organization of Afro-American Unity was assassinated in 1965 while addressing a rally?

6. Which French Franciscan friar and diplomat was known as the eminence Grise?

7. Which British economist wrote the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money?

8. Which British aviator established several long-distance records with flights to Australia and Tokyo during the '30s?

9. Which pupil of Aristotle was King of Macedon from 336 to 323 BC?

10. In which English county is the village of Stilton situated?

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